Get Medicine

During a public health emergency the health district will open Points of Dispensing (POD) to quickly get medication, vaccines or medical supplies to the people affected by the emergency. The POD locations will be available on this webpage.

Everyone going through a POD must complete a medical history form. In order to assist with this process, we have developed an online screening tool that allows you to enter your medical history to generate a voucher. The screening tool will also tell you which POD is closest to you. This voucher can be taken to the location identified to receive the medication.

Form Instructions

  1. Click on "Medical Screening Form" button.
  2. If you have an employer code, type in the code and click "Send."
  3. Complete the Household Information and check the appropriate box(es). One person from each household may pick up medications for the entire household. Click "Next."
  4. Review your household information and click "Add New Member."
  5. Enter your name and answer the Medical Questionnaire, then click "Add Member."
  6. Repeat steps 4 and 5 above for every member of your household for whom you are picking up medication.
  7. When all household members are entered, select "Next."
  8. Read the Disclaimer and check the box that says "I agree" and click "Send."
  9. Review your medication voucher, download the appropriate medication information sheets and print the voucher.
  10. Take the voucher to the POD Location identified to receive your medication.



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