What is a POD?

A POD (Point of Dispensing) site is a location where you can go to get medications or vaccines during a public health emergency.

POD sites are typically held in familiar and easily accessible locations, such as schools, community centers, churches, etc.

Routine medical care is not provided in a POD; the sole purpose of a POD is to distribute medication or vaccine quickly to large numbers of people during a public health emergency to prevent illness.

A POD in Action

Southern Nevada Health District's Role

During a public health emergency, such as a disease outbreak or bioterrorism event, the health district may be tasked with opening PODs to provide medications, vaccines or medical supplies to anyone in the community who has been exposed to the disease.

The health district's Public Health Preparedness program works to protect the public's health during large scale disease outbreaks or a bioterrorism event. This includes pre-event planning and relationship building with community partners, private industry and other agencies to identify and plan and train staff for PODs before an emergency ever happens.